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Knightguard Visionline aluminium & polycarbonate roller shutters are suitable for commercial applications as shopfront shutters for shopping centres, retail outlets, shop windows, offices, warehouses, factories, cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels, storage areas, store rooms, serveries, counters, bars, kitchens, kiosks and residential applications such as car ports, garage doors, verandahs, patios and other outdoor areas. They provide a great way of maximising limited space - by rolling up and out of the way they provide an unobstructed passageway when open.

The robust aluminium construction of the Knightguard range of roller shutters combined with Visionline's roller shutter curtain made from alternating durable polycarbonate slats interlinked with extruded aluminium connecting rods provides a robust construction while allowing vision through the roller shutter for visibility and light transmission.

The compact roll size means Knightguard Visionline will take up less space and be suitable for smaller openings or restricted headroom than comparable polycarbonate roller shutter products.

Knightguard Visionline roller shutters are easy to use and operate with both manual and a variety of electric control options available.

Advanced Shutter Industries has been a manufacturer of roller shutters and roller grilles since 1976 and continues to offer some of the best roller shutter products available in Australia today.

Knightguard commercial roller shutters and roller grilles are manufactured in our Belmore factory in Sydney NSW Australia and are available to be supplied to city & country areas in Brisbane QLD, Melbourne VIC, Hobart TAS, Adelaide SA, Perth WA, Darwin NT, Canberra ACT, and are also available for export outside of Australia.

Knightguard Visionline polycarbonate commercial roller shutters are simple to use and operate with a variety of manual and electric motor controlled lifting mechanisms available, giving you full control over your environment. Operation, opening and closing, locking and unlocking is customised to your needs so you choose how and where you want to open and close your Knightguard Visionline polycarbonate roller shutter, whether it is from the inside, outside, both inside and outside, via keylock, hasp and staple, electric key lock or radio remote control.

Electric Motor Roller Shutter Lifting Mechanism

The most convenient way to open and close roller shutters is to opt for the electric motor option. A range of electric tubular motors and accessories are available from Advanced Shutter Industries for roller shutters which includes:

  • 240V mains powered tubular electric motors for roller shutters operated by hand-held radio remote control
  • 240V mains powered tubular electric motors for roller shutters operated by a wall switch or keyed wall switch
  • Group controls to simultaneously operate a number of electric roller shutters with a single switch
  • Wind and rain sensors and timers to automatically open or close your electric roller shutters
  • Back-up power for 240V mains powered electric roller shutters via Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), so in a power outage you can still open or close your roller shutters
  • Free-wheeling safety clutch to avoid roller shutter damage if an obstruction is encountered while closing the roller shutter
  • Manual Override mechanisms as a safeguard to allow manual opening and closing of your roller shutters in case of a power outage

Electric tubular motors for roller shutters are suitable for all roller shutter sizes all the way up to 250kg in weight.

Spring Assist Lifting Mechanism

Roller shutters fitted with an assist spring as the lifting mechanism allow the roller shutter curtain to be physically raised and lowered by hand. The assist spring balances the weight of the roller shutter curtain and makes lifting and lowering the roller shutter easier and safer. Spring assist lifting mechanisms are suitable for roller shutters starting from 1.0 m wide. For commercial roller shutters wider than 2.7 m fitting a second assist spring is highly recommended to avoid axle torsion and ensure even lifting. In any case, we recommend use of an electric motor for roller shutters weighing more than 60 kg or wider than 3.0 m.

Colours and finish of roller shutter guides, rails and aluminium slats

Standard finish for all visible aluminium components on Knightguard Visionline polycarbonate roller shutters is clear anodised matt finish.

Optional powder coating to specified colour and anti graffiti coating are available as extras if required.

Clear Anodised (standard)

Others (optional)


  • Face fit or reveal fit
  • Bulkhead, bracket or pelmet box fit (up to size limits)
  • Inwards or outwards facing roller shutter roll


Knightguard Visionline roller shutter curtain consists of the following interconnected components:

  • 90 mm x 1.6 mm thick clear polycarbonate slats; and
  • 31 mm x 16 mm tough extruded aluminium connecting slats.

Nylon end caps ensure the slats are locked in to place, reduce friction and facilitate smooth operation.

Optional punching of polycarbonate slats on all or part of the curtain with cut-outs of 180 mm wide x 55 mm high is available. Space between punch-outs is 50 mm apart unless specified otherwise.

Curtain Weight

4.7 kg / sqm

Add 1.5 kg / m for each mid rail or bottom rail.

Maximum Width†

3500 mm for manual operation.

† For width beyond roller shutter maximum specifications use multiple roller shutters within maximum width with fixed or removable mullions if appropriate.

Maximum Height

4000 mm

Side Guides

Choice of roller shutter guides:

  • 76 mm x 32 mm clear anodised guides (suitable for face-fit or when optional pelmet box is fitted); or
  • 54 mm x 32 mm clear anodised guides available for use without pelmet box.

Bottom Rail

85 mm x 17 mm clear anodised Bottom Rail included as standard. Optional aluminium foot (64 mm deep) fitted under the bottom rail suitable for resting on counter tops is available if required.

Mid Rail

85 mm x 17 mm clear anodised Mid Rail is available as an optional extra to provide added strength or to house waist-height keylock.


70 mm diameter octagonal galvanized steel axle fitted with 130 mm diameter adaptor rings.

Roll Diameters for Bracket or Bulkhead Installation

Note: Dimensions are a guide only.

Incorporation of a midrail increases the roll diameter.

"A": Axel displacement suggested for distance of axle from wall or ceiling.

"D": Roll diameter.

"DLH": Daylight height of opeining.

"DLH" "A" "D"
1200 mm 140 mm 240 mm
1800 mm 150 mm 260 mm
2400 mm 160 mm 275 mm
3000 mm 180 mm 290 mm

Pelmet Box Fit Sizes

Note: Dimensions are a guide only.

Incorporation of a midrail increases the roll diameter.

""B": Pelmet box height and depth.

"OAH": Overall height of roller shutter from top of pelmet box to bottom of curtain travel (e.g. to ground or counter).

"OAH" "B"
1200 mm 250 mm
2800 mm 300 mm


240V Electric Motors

Choice of 240V tubular electric motors for roller shutters:

  • Electric 240V motor; or
  • Electric 240V motor with manual override; or
  • Electric 240V motor with built-in radio remote receiver and paired radio remote control.

240V Electric Motor Accesories

A range of 240V electric motor accessories are available as optional extras:

  • Key switch (in wall or on wall fitting) suitable for indoors and outdoors;
  • Electric 240V motor with built-in radio receiver and paired radio remote control;
  • Radio remote control plus keyring transmitter for standard 240V electric motors;
  • Group controls for operating multiple roller shutters;
  • Timers;
  • Wind and rain sensors;
  • Free-wheeling safety clutch that avoids damage to the roller shutter if an obstruction is encountered under the roller shutter while being lowered.

Counter-balance Assist Springs

A range of counter-balance assist springs and accessories:

  • Single Assist Spring;
  • Double Assist Spring;
  • Hook;
  • Keylock;
  • Extra Blank Keys.


  • Removable 180° clear anodised mullion with lockable shoot & pad bolt;
  • Mid rail (85 mm x 17 mm) clear anodised for curtain;
  • Pelmet boxes of various sizes;
  • Fixed or removable panels matching the roller shutter curtain and guides. Ideal when in-fill panels are required;
  • Powder coating of all or some of the roller shutter parts;

Due to continual product development the inclusions, features, colours and technical specifications of Advanced Shutter Industries products may change without notice.

Manufacturing window roller shutters & roller grilles in Sydney since 1976.